Numero 74 offers artisanal creations, unique in their texture 16 exclusive colours. 

Handmade with love in Thailand, collections are created in limited series with a great respect of traditions by qualified artisans and women's self managed cooperatives, heirs of ancestral knowledge.

Each of their creations are designed according to the desire of "sensible simplicity", based on a traditional handmade productions, which are limited and respectful.

The Nº74 universe is a result of the combination of an intuitive design and an ancestral know-how, which is precious, delicate and inspiring. Embroidery, a crochet, a stencil on silk...In Thailand every action of our artisans is a ritual made with the conscience and serenity, bringing by the object of a touch of dreamy charm and attention to beauty, as well as transmitting the indescribable magic that comes from thoughtful gestures and details that took their time.

Often versatile, Numero74 creations have always had a wandering soul and are ready for any adventures or locations, harmoniously aligned with nature, according to dreams and seasons.