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Extra Fabric Seat for Bouncer Bliss Sand BabyBjorn

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The Babybjorn Bliss bouncer refills are ideal for everyday use. With the little ones you never know, so anything that may have a spare is welcome.

It is suitable for both the Bliss model and the Balance Soft model. Super easy to install and wash.

Fabric: cotton
The Bliss bouncer from BabyBjörn is a very cozy piece and ideal for the baby to play and rest while you take a quiet shower or do some chores at home. When the little one kicks or moves his arms, the hammock rocks gently, so it does not need batteries, it moves simply by the energy of the little ones.

The benefits of these types of hammocks are various, including developing their motor skills and balance. They also have three different positions. You can quickly and quietly switch from playing position to sleeping position.

Adequate support for the head and back. BabyBjörn Bouncers have an ergonomic design that provides your newborn baby with adequate support for her head and back. The fabric seat molds to your baby's body, distributing the weight evenly. This provides the baby with adequate support, which is particularly important for young babies who have not yet fully developed their muscles.

Take advantage of it longer! you can use it as a hammock, and as a seat up to the age of two. As a hammock from when your baby is newborn until he learns to sit upright and, once your little one has learned to walk and sit without help, you can turn the fabric over to use it as a comfortable seat.

Ideal for trips and visits. At grandparents' house or at dinner with friends, BabyBjörn Hammocks fold flat, making it easy to transport and store at home.

Fabric: cotton

0-2 years
Min 3.5 kg, max. 13 kg
Height: min. 53 cm

Type of fabrics:

  • Mesh 3D: 100% polyester is a very soft and flexible fabric that dries quickly after washing. It is a technically advanced fabric that breathes, so it is cool and pleasant when you wear it. The tactile characteristics of the 3D mesh create closeness to your baby and, as it is a high-quality fabric, it allows the backpack to retain its elegant shape even after many washes.
  • 3D Jersey: It is our softest and softest material. It is an elastic fabric that adapts to the shape of your baby. The 3D sweater consists of three layers. The middle layer is made up of a fine single fiber yarn. The different layers provide stability to the backpack and the breathable characteristics of the material allow heat dissipation. The 3D jersey is made of 80% polyester, 16% cotton and 4% elastane. The straps are 100% cotton.
  • Satin cotton: it is very soft and pleasant. The Mini Cotton Baby Carrier has a fine filling. It is a small, beautiful and flexible backpack made of 100% cotton.

Washing instructions:

Machine wash at 40ºC. Wash it separately and do not spin it. We recommend you use mild detergents with environmental certification and pay attention to dose them properly. Don't use fabric softeners if you have a 3D mesh backpack as they reduce the quality of the fabric.
Colour: Beige