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Eco-Tex certified Mattress designed specifically for the Mini+ Low Loft Bed by Oliver Furniture. The cosy layer of wool in the cover and the highly elastic foam of the mattress combine breathability and comfort to create an optimal sleeping climate. 

Measurements: 68 x 162 x 12 cm 

Quality Materials: see below

About this mattress:

68 x 162 x 12 cm  

Oliver Furniture makes Eco-Tex certified mattressesWe have made the natural breathability, optimal comfort and long durability of our mattress a priority. The cosy layer of wool in the cover and the highly elastic foam of the mattress combine breathability and comfort to create an optimal sleeping climate. The choice of top quality materials assures our mat- tresses durability.

Cover: Eco-Tex certified herringbone cotton from Europe, interwoven with a layer of 100% Eco-tex certified wool from New Zealand.

Foam: 100% Eco-Tex certified high density (38 - 41 kg/m3) cold foam from Europe.

Care: The re- movable cover can be machine-washed with wool programme (max. 30°). Safe- ty Standards: All our mattresses comply with the European Fire-protection standards (EN 597-1, EN 597-2 and BS 5852).

About the Mini+ Low Loft Bed

Wood Mini+ low loft bed is designed to accommodate the need for a quality solution in a small children’s bedroom. With its generous measurements but small stature, it is well suited in rooms where a standard bunk bed would seem to dominate.

The low loft bed fits the young schoolchild and offers, in its well-conceived design, a space under the bunk for the child to create a cosy hangout. When the child ultimately outgrows the bed a pair of attractive pillows along the backrest and a set of short legs available separately will convert it to a cosy daybed or small sofa – suitable for a corner of the living room, a wide hallway or as a stylish supplement to the interior of the summerhouse. Wood Mini+ supports Oliver Furnitures foundational principal of aesthetic sustainability: We create furniture which in design as well as quality can follow the family for generations.

Wood Mini+ low loft bed is built using traditional construction designed for modern production. It is made from solid FSC-certified oak and birch and is defined by the well-conceived and executed design solutions. The bed has been tested and conforms to the strict EU norms for safety and health. At Oliver Furniture ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Height: 160cm / 62.99in
Length: 70cm / 27.55in
Depth: 10cm / 3.93in
Collection: Mini+
Colour: White
EAN13: 5711692418275 Reference: 041863