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The Oliver Furniture mini crib is a unique piece on the market. Make the most of the mini crib with all the options it offers, the pieces come to build the independent mini crib and the bench.

In addition, the design adapts perfectly to the adult bed, regulating its height, with a practical and functional system.

Measurements: 49 × 92 × 55/74 cm

About the Colecho Wood Cradle

This Wood co-sleeper and bench is a fantastic Nordic designed baby bed, supporting both the baby and parent's need to be close and adjust in the first few months.

The design adapts to the practical context of breastfeeding and care, and guarantees the necessary sleep for both the child and the parents: by lowering the front part of the bed, it can be attached easily and safely to the parents bed. In this way, the baby experiences essential closeness at night, while parents obtain optimal sleeping conditions because their baby is lying down safely and close. The wooden bunk bed creates as secure a base for baby at night as it does during the day, where the bed, with both sides up, works as a cozy crib. The sleeping compartment, which has rubber wheels, can be easily and quietly transported from one room to another. With its elegant expression and delicate proportions, the bed fits beautifully into the existing interior.

The bed, with its approved safety design, adapts to a variety of needs: the continuous height adjustment ensures a precise relationship with the parents' bed, which, however, the baby cannot roll. The attractively sculpted sides and bottom support slats ensure optimal ventilation for the baby. This design will assure the baby, and therefore also the parents, the best possible sleep, throughout the night.

When the baby's need for her own bed occurs after the first 6 to 9 months, the Wood sleeping compartment with its attached fixing feet and open front piece easily transforms into a fine little bench. The bench can be adjusted in height and thus follow the child for many years. As with the bed partner, the bench can be used in the bedroom, as well as in the kitchen and living room, in the company of the rest of the family.

Like all other Oliver Furniture items, it is made in Europe and designed to meet strict EU health and safety standards. They use the best possible materials, and the finished products are treated with paint and non-toxic water-based lacquer. Non-visible screws, a defining trade of Oliver Furniture, emphasize the design and impeccable quality of our products.

Tested and approved according to the new EN 1130: 2019 safety standard. In December 2019, the first EN safety standard for bedbeds was released.
The bench is tested and approved according to EN 17191: 2017.

Product Details

This product can be used in up to 3 different ways, as a mini-bed, as a mini-bed or as a bench.

Material: solid birch wood, lacquered with non-toxic paint.

Measurements: W 49 × L 92 × H 55/74 cm

Features: Convertible
Material: Birch wood | Oak wood
Height: 70cm / 27.55in
Length: 90cm / 35.43in
Depth: 50cm / 19.68in
Weight: 20kg
Finished: Laquered | Varnishing
Collection: Wood
Colour: White | Wood
EAN13: 5711692414871 Reference: 041487