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Washable Rug RugCycled Clouds S Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals


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Clouds is sewn with a soft pile of natural, undyed cotton. The subtle silhouettes of the clouds are created through the contrast of the pile and the non-stack, leaving visible parts of the canvas base.

Composition: 100% recycled natural cotton
Production: Hand-made
Size: 120x160 cm

Made of natural, undyed, short-pile cotton and hand-woven on a recycled cotton canvas base from textile waste.

The silhouettes of the clouds are outlined in a subtle bas-relief, allowing parts of the base canvas to be seen, while the filling is defined with shorter pile cotton to create a surface with a changing texture.

Available in 3 different sizes to fit any space!
EAN13: 8435392621786 Reference: C-RUC-CLO-S