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Oliver furniture presenta este cajon para las estanterias de estilo nórdico clásico. Es ideal para la habitación de los niños, pero es igual de adecuado para cualquier otra habitación de la casa.

Contenido del paquete: 2 Unidades.

Color: Blanco/Roble

Medidas: W:32 x H:32 x D:32 cm

Compatible con:

Estante 2x5 estante 3x5 Estante 5x1 estante 5x2 Estante 3x1 estante 3x2

In Oliver furniture we have designed storage boxes that can be placed individually on the shelf. Our storage boxes have a white side and one of oak wood, you just have to choose which side you like most, and therefore give the shelf your personal expression. Both parts are equipped with leather handles. Our shelves are of high quality wood. They are stable and robust to ensure durability. They are produced sustainably in Europe.

Material: Oak wood
Height: 30cm / 11.81in
Length: 30cm / 11.81in
Depth: 30cm / 11.81in
Pattern: Plain
Colour: White
EAN13: 5711692413324 Reference: 041332