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Uno Living Shelving 170x202

  • Black RAL 9005
  • Anthracite RAL 7021
  • Fantin Gray
  • Light gray RAL 7035
  • Cloud gray
  • White RAL 9016
  • Milk white RAL 9001
  • Rose quartz PANTONE 13 1520
  • Ruby red RAL 3003
  • Flame red RAL 3000
  • Melon yellow RAL 1028
  • Zinc yellow RAL 1018
  • Pastel green RAL 6019
  • Sage green RAL 6021
  • Forest green RAL 6007
  • Turquoise blue RAL 5018
  • Pastel blue RAL 5024
  • Dusty blue RAL 5014
  • Gentian blue RAL 5010
  • Steel blue RAL 5011
  • Coffee brown RAL 8019
  • Design - Metallic Gold
  • Design Metallic Rust
  • Design Metallic Bronze
  • Design - Metallic Iron
  • Design - Metallic Silver
  • Design - Metallic Titanium
  • Design - Metallic Platinum
  • Design - Earth Sand
  • Design - Earth Moss
  • Design - Earth Basalt
  • Design - Earth Stone
  • Design - Earth Almethyst
  • Design - Earth Ocean
  • Design - Earth Clay


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170x202cm shelf to store and place decorative objects. 21 Essential Colors available from the Fantin Chart.

Fantin's UNO LIVING shelving system is enriched by the addition of hanging shelves, allowing all environments to be equipped with unlimited versatility.

Cantilever shelves (single or double cantilevers) with a single depth of 30 cm, in 0.7 mm (0.03") thick sheet metal folded three times along the accessible sides to prevent accidents; shaped reinforcements are provided of omega in the lower part to increase its load capacity (UNI 8601/1984 test: level 5 out of 5).The upright housings are also reinforced with a 3 mm (0.12") thick sheet metal support. The extension of the overhangs is always 25 cm (9.8").

Uprights in 30 x 30 mm (1.18" x 1.18") metal tube, 1.2 mm (0.05") thick, fitted with plastic caps at the ends. Along the entire length , one side features slots with a pitch of 50 mm (1.97") for variable positioning of the click fasteners and thus of the shelves.

The use of tubular metal, which provides higher performance levels than most commonly used open section bars, ensures minimal torsion and bending effects.

Click fasteners made from 2.5mm (0.10") thick pressed sheet metal. These clips are anchored to the studs by two specially designed side wings that fit into the slots in the studs. The shelves then snap into the studs. top wings of real click fasteners Each click fastener is designed to support 2 consecutive shelves simultaneously, while wrapping and reinforcing the stud to which it is anchored.

Standard shelves with a single depth of 30 cm, in 0.7 mm (0.03") thick sheet metal, bent three times along the two side fronts to prevent accidents; omega-shaped reinforcements are provided on the top bottom to increase its load capacity (UNI 8601/1984 test: level 5 out of 5).

The four corners of the shelves are also reinforced with a 3 mm (0.12") thick sheet metal support that is designed to completely accommodate the upright; this ensures perfect continuity between two consecutive shelves, without gaps.

Material: Steel
Height: 205cm / 80.70in
Length: 170cm / 66.92in
Depth: 30cm / 11.81in
Colour: Black | Blue | Brown | Green | Grey | Orange | Pink | White | Yellow