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One of the most beautiful baby rockers on the market and with a long useful life. It can be used up to 7 years old!

As well as offering a nice natural movement that can be locked if desired.

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TIBU High Chair White Charlie Crane TIBU High Chair White Charlie Crane

TIBU Eolutive High Chair White...

Charlie Crane
Price 219.00 EUR
TIBU Eolutive High Chair Black Charlie Crane TIBU Eolutive High Chair Black Charlie Crane

TIBU Eolutive High Chair Black...

Charlie Crane
Price 219.00 EUR


A highchair is one of the key pieces of furniture you will buy for your baby when you are expecting. It will enable your little one to become part of the family, by sitting at the kitchen or dining table with the rest of the family. And its where they will start to eat alone too! So its important to check out lots of styles and brands before making your choice so that you find exactly what you need. 

The baby rocker is another one of those key pieces which your baby will use so much. Some baby rockers actually adapt to highchairs making them evolutive highchairs like the Up! model by Kidsmill. Your baby rocker should be super comfy and its a great alternative to the cot when your bay sleeps during the day. Especially seeing as its easier to take out of the house with you! 

Most of the products in our online store are designed and created by top international designer kids brands so that you can chose from the very best! Discover products by Charlie Crane, Kidsmill and many more.

Convertible or folding. Like the Kidsmill Convertible Highchair Hammock. O The foldable highchair with wall mount that takes up the minimum space from Supaflat. With unique designs such as Charlie Crane or The new Nobodinoz High Chair.

And if you find that you would love a bit of help making a choice or decoration advice for your space, feel free to get in touch with us! Our team of kids interior designers will help you create the perfect bedroom for your children.

At TOC TOC Kids we are passionately committed to bringing you:

  • The leading kids designer brands, especially Scandinavian kids furniture and decoration from the best and trendiest kids brands around the world, so that you have the very best products to create the perfect kids bedroom for your children.
  • The very best kids furniture for any style of room
  • Gift lists for new births or First Communions
  • An innovative 100% online service offering 3D kids interior design and/or decoration advice by expert interior designs for all budgets!