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Our selection of children's books and stories is aimed at those best sellers that meet educational standards and appropriate development of children.

Books so that when the reading stage begins, they attract them to read them easily and thus lay the foundations of reading in their dna and that the bug will bite them forever.

A world is hidden within children's books and stories and with the imagination and innocence of children they enter a wonderful world if you provide them with the right books and stories at all times.

Each child will have their preferences based on their personality. For this reason it is good to be able to choose between more educational books on animals or nature for example or music or more fantastic books, books on habits and routines or humor books that are not missing.

During vacation time that you have more time is a good way for them to learn and occupy the day with something truly very beneficial for their mental health.

Children's books help to continuously improve vocabulary. And to end the day, what better than a bedtime story to leave the child with a beautiful image in her mind of a good story with a happy ending.