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Blind configurable online to measure BANDALUX

  • Price Group 1
  • Price Group 2
  • Price Group 3
  • Price Group 4
  • Price Group 5
  • 100cm / 39.37in
  • 140cm / 55.11in
  • 180cm / 70.86in
  • 220cm / 86.61in
  • 260cm / 102.36in
  • 300cm / 118.11in
  • 60cm / 23.62in
  • 100cm
  • 140cm
  • 180cm
  • 220cm
  • 260cm
  • 300cm
  • 60cm


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The indoor curtain that opens the door to Bandalux's world of innovation in sun protection solutions. A lightweight and functional system, equipped with high precision technology for smoother operation. Its extra-thin design and visual lightness give it a great ability to adapt to different decorative styles.

Premium or Premium Plus systems Depending on the measure selected.


* Polyscreen rate 3. Better quality for the price. Easy to clean and very durable.

(Polyscreen 351 - 1% aperture)

(Polyscreen 550 - 5% aperture)

(Polyscreen 350 - 10% aperture)

(Polyscreen 314 - 14% aperture)

In the cart comments it shall indicate for each blind:

1- No fabric according to attached pdf catalogue and according to Tariff chosen in the price configuration.

2- Exact measurements of the curtain below the range chosen in the price configuration.

3- Side of chain. Left or right.

4- Installation on wall or ceiling.

The data received will be checked so that your choice will be valid and correct. We inform you that some fabrics have measurement limitations.