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Litera Cube Furniture JJP

Muebles JJP jotajotape
  • 2 Nest Drawers 18cm
  • 2 Nest Drawers 30cm
  • 3 Nest Drawers 18cm
  • 3 Nest Drawers 30cm
  • Trundle bed
  • 3 Cube Staircase
  • 4 Cube Staircase
  • Ladder staircase
  • 3 Step Shelving
  • 4 Step Shelving
  • Right Side Blind
  • Left Side Blind
  • Bunk bed
  • Protector 100cm
  • Protector 50cm
  • Perimeter protector
  • Slide
  • Rear Blind
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Muebles JJP cube bunk bed with a minimalist and simple design that visually occupies little space

Measures: 200x100x126cm

Mattress: 190x90cm (not included)

4 side open bunk

Choose in Options: the open bunk, blind sides, stairs, protections, trundle bed or drawers

Indicate in observations:

- colors

- perimeter protection: side the same as the photo or opposite to the photo

If your children share a room, bunk beds are the best solution and the most fun. With the bunks of our Nordic-style shop, your kids will grow up together sharing moments of games, fun and rest, all of them adapting to the design you choose for your bedroom.

Height: 165cm / 64.96in
Length: 100cm / 39.37in
Depth: 200cm / 78.74in
Reference: LF5